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Friday, November 9, 2012

Anhydrous Ammonia Transport Checklist

Today's weekly safety tip provides you with a checklist to go through each time you are hauling anhydrous ammonia.
Be sure to follow this checklist when you are hauling anhydrous
When using application equipment, check:

  • Are you using locking hitch pins?
  • Is the nurse tank secured with a safety chain?
  • Is the applicator tool bar equipped with a breakaway coupler that is in good physical condition?
  • Always use a withdrawal hose of the correct length - long enough to allow turning but not so long it can get caught up in the equipment.
  • Never secure the withdrawal hose in a way that impedes the operation of the coupling device.
  • Regularly inspect hoses and valves and replace them as needed.
  • Is all low-pressure tubing securely clamped and free of pinches, nicks, weak spots and leaks? 
Folding and  unfolding the applicator wings can pinch hoses so always inspect them before use!!!

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